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      Everyone wants to come home from work to a nice, clean home. But with work and every day life taking up so much of your time, how can you fit in a tedious, time-consuming task like deep cleaning? Lucky for you, we offer this service and can take that dreadful task off your hands!


      A deep clean will take away your house's deep dirt and grime. It includes everything from a standard clean, but paying more attention to detail and getting areas a standard clean doesn't, for example: inside the oven and fridge. A deep clean is good for someone who is getting their home ready for recurring cleanings or enjoys a nice refresh of their home every once in a while.


  1. Kills viruses and bacteria, and improves air quality - When people have consistent coughing, sniffles, or an irritated nose, they don't realize it could be their very own home worsening their immune system.

  2. Prevents pests from nesting in your home - It is common for creepy crawlers to make themselves at home in an unclean house. The worst ones remain unnoticed.

  3. Improves mental health - The state your home is in affects how you feel.

  4. Creates a safe place - Your home is known as a refuge. A place where you can go when you want to feel safe or to be removed from the worries that life brings. Unless it has been thoroughly cleaned, it can feel more like a war zone, a place to escape, rather than a place to reside when all seems lost.


For this service, we highly encourage no one to be present while we clean.

  • If you're home: When we arrive at your home, we will start by introducing ourselves. You may give us a tour of your house if you wish. We usually start upstairs, unless you request us to start downstairs instead. After the cleaning is complete, you may walk around your home and see if there is anything we missed. The cleaner(s) will let us know when they are finished and you will receive an invoice that day for the amount owed. NOTE: Payment is to be received the day your cleaning is rendered.

  • If you're not home: We will enter your home based on the information you give when filling out the "New Client Info Form". We will take a tour around your home to get a good idea of where to start and where everything is. After the cleaning is complete, we will send you an invoice for the amount owed. NOTE: Payment is to be received the day your cleaning is rendered. When you arrive home, take a look around and let us know if there are any issues.


     For deep cleanings, it's difficult to know off hand how long the cleaning will take. Based on the information you provide in your "Get A Quote" form, we provide the best estimate we can. The price we give you is determined by a basic understanding of your home and is susceptible to change based on how long it takes for the cleaner(s) to clean your home, whether that's more than what the quote was for, or less.


  • Keep your cleanings at a fixed price that you can afford. We may be able to work with your budget. When filling out your information for getting a quote, type in the "special requests" section what your budget is. Please keep in mind our minimum for this service option is $125. In doing this, we can work together to figure out how much we can clean in the amount of time given based on your fixed price, starting with your top priorities first. Already have a quote? Either create another or contact us and let us know your quote was not within your budget.

  • You may choose to have your cleaning divided into multiple appointments.

  • Decide whether every room in your house needs cleaned.


  • Excessive amount of dishes

  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures that are too high

  • Exterior windows

  • Chimney sweeps

Living Room with Ceiling Fan



  • Disinfect counters (including everything on top), backsplashes

  • Remove residue and dry soap dispensers

  • Dishes (within reason)

  • Disinfect sink and polish faucet

  • Wipe exterior of cabinets

  • Fold any kitchen towels

  • Wipe exterior of all appliances (including inside of microwave)

  • Wipe exterior of oven range hood

  • Clean stove top

  • Clean the oven and fridge inside (if requested) and out

  • Clean behind the fridge (if possible)

  • Disinfect dining table and chairs

  • Vacuum dining chairs (if fabric)

  • Disinfect high chairs (if applicable)


  • Disinfect counters (including everything on top)

  • Disinfect sinks and polish faucets

  • Remove residue and dry hand soap dispensers

  • Disinfect/treat inside of toothbrush holders

  • Wipe exterior of cabinets

  • Disinfect toilet inside and out (including inside rim)

  • Fold toilet paper edge

  • Scrub and dry showers

  • Remove residue on shampoo/conditioner, body wash, etc. and dry

  • Wipe toilet and towel holders

  • Fold any towels


  • Make beds


  • Wipe exterior of washer and dryer


  • Wipe down all furniture (including front and sides)

  • Wipe down baseboards, vents and woodwork

  • Wipe down light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Wipe down windowsills and blinds

  • Dust electronics, lampshades, etc.

  • Wipe down individual knickknacks

  • Clean mirrors

  • Clean glass surfaces

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Spot clean walls

  • Gather any dishes and trash

  • Light straightening up

  • Disinfect all light switches and door knobs

  • Clean interior of all windows (including exterior of front and back door)

  • Empty and disinfect all garbage bins

  • Vacuum carpet edges

  • Vacuum/mop floors and stairs

  • Vacuum couches and chairs


  • Load of Laundry ($10) - We will place in the wash and toss in the dryer before we leave. Provide any instructions or setting preferences.

  • Fold Laundry ($5) - One load of laundry

  • Bed Linens Changed ($5 per bed) - Please place fresh clean sheets on bed for us to change

  • Interior Window Glass Cleaned ($2 per window) - We do not open the window. NOTE: Window sills and lock ledges are included in cleaning

  • Interior Fridge Cleaning ($45) - Please ensure your fridge is not overly filled with groceries as it makes it harder for cleaning

  • Interior Oven Cleaning ($35)

  • Vacuum Under Couch Cushions ($5)

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