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F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

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Why should I choose Radiant Home Cleaning LLC for my home cleaning and organizing needs? 1.) We are a trained, bonded and insured business. 2.) We provide hassle-free online quotes. 3.) The business owner actually enjoys what they do. It wasn't created because businesses make money. It was created out of sheer enjoyment for the services themselves. 4.) We provide a discount for household members who are active in the military, veterans, single parents, and disabled. 5.) We reward clients for posting reviews and referring us to others via Radiant Home Discount Coupons. 6.) Our employees pass a strict selection process to be a part of our team. They are thoroughly background and reference checked. 7.) We are very organized. This allows for a smooth, stress-free, professional business that anyone can appreciate.

Do you service my area? Radiant Home Cleaning LLC is located in the state of Virginia. We serve Fincastle, Daleville, Troutville, Buchanan, Cloverdale, Roanoke, Salem, and surrounding areas. We know finding a good company can be hard, let alone one that services your area. Contact us to see if you are within reach.

What are your hours of operation? Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM | Customer Service: Everyday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Do you provide your own cleaning supplies and equipment? Yes, we do. However, if you have special requests or would like us to use your supplies instead, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you if possible. NOTE: Supplying your own cleaning products will not reduce the price of your cleaning service due to our employees getting paid to purchase their own supplies.

How do I opt-in to SMS or why am I not receiving text messages? You may not have opted in to receive SMS. You can start receiving them by filling out the pop-up window on the "New Client Info Form" page located under the Book Online tab. If the problem has not been resolved, let us know and we will look into it further.

Will I receive reminders for all my scheduled services? Yes. We send out reminders 24 hours before your scheduled service via email and text message.


What are Radiant Home Discount Coupons and how do they work? Our discount coupons are used to receive a percentage off the price of our services. They can be used on any service option you choose, and they never expire! If you pay using one of our online payment methods, simply present your coupon in plain sight, like on your kitchen counter. Or if you pay using cash or check, place it inside your envelope. When paying, deduct the coupon percentage from your regular payment. There is no limit to the number of discount coupons you can receive. You may only use one coupon per service.

What do I do if I lost my Radiant Home Discount Coupon? If you miss place your coupon, no worries! We keep track of all coupons that are distributed. Just let us know you wish to use yours and we will mark it in our book.

Do I get rewarded for referring clients? Absolutely! We appreciate any and all business that comes our way! And as a thank you, if anyone you refer becomes a client of ours (whether it's a one-time or a recurring service), you will receive a 25% off Radiant Home Discount Coupon for each referral. ​TIP: With the business cards you received in your folder on your first day of your service, write your name on the back so that when you hand them out it's easy for people to mention you when they inform us you referred them. This also ensures you receive your discounts in case they forget your name. If you would like more business cards, don't hesitate to ask.

Do I get rewarded for submitting a review? Of course! We appreciate your review and want you to know just how much. When you leave a positive review on our site, Google, or on any of our other platforms for services that we provided you, you will receive a 20% off Radiant Home Discount Coupon. Let us know you submitted your review so we can ensure you receive one.

Do you have a discount for individuals active in the military, veterans, single parents, or disabled? Yes. If any of these identify you, you may receive $20 off all cleaning services we provide you! Be sure to answer this question when filling out your quote. If receiving a quote via phone, text, or email, our quoting process will ask you this question automatically. Please note: if you are already receiving the starting price for your cleaning, you will not be able to reduce your price any further.

How can I purchase a gift card? Gift cards are located in the menu under "Services".

How do I use my gift card for a cleaning service? Once you select the cleaning service you would like to receive, you must fill out a quote so we can provide you with an accurate pricing, as well as an estimated time in which it will take to complete. At the bottom of the form, it will ask if you would like to use your gift card. Please ensure you provide your gift card code so we can reduce the amount in your quote. You will receive your quote via email. Once you accept your quote, you may then book for your service.

Do Radiant Home Cleaning gift cards expire? Our gift cards do not have an expiration date. Use it when you need it!


What cleaning products and equipment do you use and for what purpose? >>Mr. Clean or Lysol: disinfecting surfaces (such as counters, toilets, bathroom floors, etc.) >>Vinegar water: cleaning hard wood or vinyl plank flooring, glass and mirrors >>Scrubbing bubbles, Kaboom or Zepp shower cleaner: scrubbing showers and sinks >>Bleach: mold treatment >>Endust and Swiffer: remove dust >>Shark APEX DuoClean AZ1000 vacuum >>O-Cedar Hardwood Floor N' More microfiber flip mop

How should I prepare my home for my cleaning service? There is no need to clean before we arrive; however, straightening up and removing clutter is helpful. Having no one inside the home during your cleaning is recommended, but we understand this can't always occur. If you have children or pets, we suggest keeping them secured. All of these preparations ensure the cleaner(s) can do their job efficiently without distractions.

How will Radiant Home Cleaning LLC enter my home? When filling out your "New Client Info Form" you will be asked how you would like us to enter. We take the security of your home very seriously. No one will have access to your home unless they are authorized from Radiant Home Cleaning LLC. Each key is recorded in our book, along with the employee who possesses it. Our current methods include: 1.) Letting us into your home the day of service 2.) Providing us with an extra key and/or home security code 3.) Providing us with an access code for a lock box, keypad, or garage code 4.) Leaving a key outside (like under a doormat) to use and return, or leave inside the home after service is complete

What if a cleaner misses something or I wasn't happy with my service? Our team members do their very best in each home, but sometimes forgetting to dust a lamp shade or a picture frame on the wall can happen. If this occurs, or if the service we provided you was below your expectations, let us know and the cleaner(s) will come back and correct their mistake(s). We want you to have a great experience with Radiant Home Cleaning LLC, and rest assure that if we cannot fix the issue, you will receive a full or partial refund.

Will holidays effect my recurring scheduled cleaning day? On these days, Radiant Home Cleaning LLC will not be working: - Labor Day - Thanksgiving Day - Christmas Eve (December 24th) - Christmas Day (December 25th) - Day after Christmas (December 26th) - New Year’s Eve (December 31st) - New Year’s Day (January 1st) If your regular cleaning day lands on one of the days listed above, you may choose to reschedule your cleaning (if possible) for another day. Please note that in doing this, your schedule will not change. For example, if your regular cleaning day is on Tuesdays, it will stay Tuesdays regardless of what day you rescheduled your cleaning. This ensures the schedule does not become dysfunctional. Please contact us as soon as you are aware of your cleaning day and wish to reschedule. Spots may not be available last minute. Regardless, during these days, we will contact you if your cleaning lands on a non-working day.


Do you charge by the hour? Yes, we do. Rates vary depending on the service. We have a minimum price for each. Individuals who are already receiving the minumum price for their selected service, may not have a reduction in the price any further even if they receive a discount for being a veteran, single parent, etc. We believe in giving our employees a good living wage and this means receiving a minimum pay per home regardless of how long they are there. Standard Clean: Starting at $90 | $45 per hour Deep Clean: Starting at $125 | $50 per hour Holiday Cleaning: Starting at $65 | $45 per hour Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Starting at $150 | $50 per hour Home Organizing: $45 per hour

What payment methods do you accept? We accept online payments through Venmo. We no longer accept PayPal due to unexplained fraudulent activity. You can find us by looking up our company name. We also accept cash or check. If you choose this method, it needs to be placed in a sealed envelope with our company name on it. Make checks payable to Radiant Home Cleaning LLC.

When do I pay for my service? Payments are to be received the day your service is rendered. This goes for all services.

Do you have any add-on services and how much do they cost? Yes. We provide the following for an extra charge: - Load of Laundry ($10) - We will place in the wash and toss in the dryer before we leave. Provide any instructions or setting preferences. - Fold Laundry ($5) - One load of laundry - Bed Linens Changed ($5 per bed) - Please place fresh clean sheets on bed for us to change - Interior Window Glass Cleaned ($2 per window) - We do not open windows. NOTE: Window sills and lock ledges are standard in all the cleanings. Add-on only available for standard cleanings. - Interior Fridge Cleaning ($45) - Please ensure your fridge is not overly filled with groceries as it makes it harder for cleaning - Interior Oven Cleaning ($35) - Vacuum Under Couch Cushions ($5)

Will my pricing ever change when opting into recurring standard cleanings? It's not common, but it can happen. Situations that could change the price of your service include: 1.) A new pet in the home, creating excessive fur 2.) Consistent setbacks in how long the cleaner(s) is in your home 3.) Quote not being calculated properly


How do I book a service? 1.) Decide what service is right for you. Learn about each one, and on the bottom of the page you will find everything that is included in the service or for organizing, ideas based on each room. 2.) If you are interested in a cleaning service, you will need to request a quote. To do this, simply push the "Get A Quote" button located on the page. Home organizing does not require a quote - (Skip to step 4). Fill out the information needed about your home in order for us to provide you with the best quote, as well as a time frame in which it will take to complete. 3.) You will receive an email with your quote attached. It will allow you to view and print, as well as accept if you are satisfied with the price. Once you accept your quote, you may then book your service. 4.) To book your service, locate the "Book Online" tab on the top of our webpage. Click it and you will see a new client form and all the services we offer. Simply select the service you would like to book by clicking "Book Now" on the right side of the page. 5.) If you are a new client of Radiant Home Cleaning LLC, you must submit the "New Client Info Form" as well. 6.) Once we obtain your booking request, you will receive a text message and an email of your booked day and time.

Is there a way to get a lower quote? Yes! Note: Please keep in mind our minimums for each cleaning service. 1.) Keep your cleanings at a fixed price that you can afford. We may be able to work with your budget. When filling out your information for getting a quote, type in the "special requests" section what your budget is. In doing this, we can work together to figure out how much we can clean in the amount of time given based on your fixed price, starting with your top priorities first. Already have a quote? Either create another or contact us and let us know your quote was not within your budget. 2.) Decide whether every room in your house needs cleaned.

Why does my quote say it is an estimated price? For first cleanings, deep and move-in/move-out cleanings, it's difficult to know off hand how long the cleaning will take. Based on the information you provide in your "Get A Quote" form, we provide the best estimate we can. The price we give you is determined by a basic understanding of your home and is susceptible to change based on how long it takes for the cleaner(s) to clean your home, whether that's more than what the quote was for, or less. If you rather have a fixed price, let us know and we can clean what we can in the time given based on that amount. Please keep in mind, our minimum price for these services.

Do I need to book a service every time I want you to come to my home? If you opt into recurring standard cleanings, you do not need to. When booking and selecting what week(s), day(s), and time(s) work for you, your booked date will be the start date for your future cleanings. You will automatically be placed in our schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on your desired intervals. This goes for clients who scheduled for this service via phone, email, or other sources. However, if you are wanting a deep or move-in/move-out cleaning or our other services, these require booking each time as they are one-time services.


What if tasks for my home organizing service takes less (or more) time than I thought? You will only be charged for the hours in which we help you. If your duration period has ended and you have not completed as much as you would have liked, regardless, we have to stop. This is to keep all other scheduled services on track for the day. So please, when booking, try to keep this in mind. However, if you are the last appointment of the day, your organizer may be able to stay longer. That is completely up to them, as we try to end the day at 5:30 PM.


Are you bonded and insured? Yes. Have peace of mind that your home and belongings are in good hands!

Can I trust who is entering my home? When our team members are hired, they undergo one-on-one training. No cleaner goes into a home alone without understanding proper cleaning methods, as well as everything we do in each home. To ensure this, they use a check list until they feel secure enough to remember on their own. Our staff also pass a strict selection process to be part of Radiant Home Cleaning LLC. They are thoroughly background and reference checked to make certain your family, home, and belongings are in good hands.

What is your policy for broken or stolen items? In tragic situations such as these, we will make it right. In the event an employee is suspected of stealing an item, that employee will be suspended until the investigation is complete. Theft is not tolerated, and they will be dismissed from Radiant Home Cleaning LLC immediately. Let us know what has broken or what is missing within 30 days, and you will be reimbursed for the full amount of the item(s) based on the outcome of the investigation. We are very careful while cleaning, but accidents can happen. If you have valuable or sentimental belongs you are weary of, reduce the risk by simply advising us not to clean certain items or place them in areas we do not clean (e.g., inside of china cabinets).

What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy? We require at least 24 hours in advance to ensure our employees' schedules are in place for the next day. Once reminders are sent out, this gives a great opportunity to cancel at this time. Please note when rescheduling a recurring standard cleaning, your schedule will not change. For example, if your regular cleaning day is on Tuesdays, it will stay Tuesdays regardless of what day you rescheduled your cleaning. This ensures the schedule does not become dysfunctional. This only applies to bi-weekly and monthly recurring cleanings. HOW TO CANCEL OR RESCHEDULE: Click on your account icon on the top right of the page. From the drop down menu, select "my bookings". You can also contact us directly.

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