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W O U L D   Y O U   L I K E   T O    G I V E   U S   F E E D B A C K ?

What service(s) have you received from Radiant Home Cleaning LLC?
How satisfied were you with the service(s) you received?
Super disappointed, never again!It was alright... probably wouldn't use us againNot bad. Neither hit or miss.Pretty great, but could use a little improvement5 Stars all the way!
How is our booking method?
It's poor - needs a lot of workIt's fairGoodVery goodExcellent!
What do you think of our website? Is it easy to navigate?
It needs a total makeover!It's alright...It's not bad, but not perfectIt's very goodPerfectly done!
How would you rate the friendliness and trustworthiness of our staff?
Terrible! I would never let in my home again!I was somewhat uneasy; staff was iffyNeither good, nor badVery trustworthy & friendlyI fully trust & super friendly
Do you think our pricing is fair?
Far too expensive! I'm getting my services elsewhere!It's more pricier than it should beIt's not cheap, but not expensiveIt's pretty fair, could go down a few bucksIt's very fair based on the work RHC does
How likely are you to use Radiant Home Cleaning LLC again?
Never again!Ehh, maybe...In the middleVery likelyI will be using RHC for all my cleaning needs!

We appreciate your feedback! You're helping us improve.

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